A little sexercise makes you glow, from flushed cheeks to your winning smile. And the beauty effects are more than skin deep. Your rosy glow means nitric oxide boosting blood flow, which helps keep wrinkles from forming. Even more important than some luscious lips, this healthy circulation makes healthy arteries (read: reduced risk of heart attack and stroke).

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And that smile on your face? Orgasms release stress hormones (and can even reduce pain in women). These are just some of the ways sex makes you younger, specifically, 1.5 years younger for a woman satisfied with the quantity and quality of her orgasms, according to RealAge.The key word in that string of better-than-great news? Satisfied. The sex should be safe and satisfying. And this doesn’t have to meet any social standards of what a good sex life “should” be, as long as you are content with it.

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You may say think sex is synonymous with satisfaction, but this is not always the case.The majority of women—about 85 percent—report experiencing a sexual issue that concerns them. “Lack of interest” tops the list of issues.In the past year, 43 percent of women under age 60 have experienced a critical sexual symptom or problem.Contrary to popular belief, the stats aren’t much more impressive in men. About one in five men have Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in the U.S., and problems reaching orgasm is a “regular occurrence even in men without ED,” a recent study found.

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While there can be health culprits behind sex life troubles, dissatisfaction between the sheets can be a symptom—or a cause—of issues in other areas of your relationship. Addressing your sex life can make for a more satisfying relationship, and more beautiful body.Our Sexual Satisfaction Quiz uses the Sexual Satisfaction Scale for Women (SSW), which measures your (you guessed it) sexual satisfaction and sexual distress, in five areas

  • Contentment – how happy you are with your sex life overall
  • Communication – how effectively and comfortably you and your partner communicate about sex.
  • Compatibility – how well matched you feel with your sexual partner.
  • Relational Concern – your level of sexual concern involving you and your partner.
  • Personal Concern – your level of sexual concern involving only yourself.

Overall, being sexually satisfied is associated with love, commitment and stability in your relationship. The good news is it doesn’t have to wane with age either. In a Women’s Health Initiative study, 67 percent of 60-somethings were happy with their sex life. It’s even been tied to “successful aging”Take the Sexual Satisfaction Quiz to see how these aspects of your sex life affect you, and get personalized steps for enhancing your relationship and beauty—from the inside, out.