Relationships aren’t easy, and sometimes we can’t tell what’s in our heads and what’s happening in the relationship. It might seem like our partner is being distant, but is it just our own sensitivity? If you ask these questions because your partner’s behavior seems different, you might be worried that your partner is feeling a different way towards you than they once did.

If your partner is falling out of love, it’s crucial you speak to each other and openly communicate about what issues have arisen and what can be done. Check for these signs that your partner might be falling out of love before sharing your concerns.

Drop in Communication 

One common sign of relationship issues, including a partner falling out of love, is the drop in communication levels. Whatever the typical pattern previously was, if your partner is falling out of love, you can expect a noticeable and steady decrease in communication, such as attempts to communicate and openness once you are communicating. One day of bad communication isn’t enough — this will be a long-term and gradually decline you’ll want to watch for.

Decreased Sexual Interest

While a change in your regular sex patterns can indicate stress or something different, it also matches the typical behavior of someone falling out of love. Falling out love can be detected by measuring if most of your partner’s interest in you — in spending time, in communication, in sex — has decreased. That’s a red flag that something about their feelings towards the relationship might be changing too.

Increased Arguments

Something that increases when your partner’s interest decreases are the arguments. If you feel like your partner is more defensive or short-fused, while there can be other issues at play, it’s a good sign they’re falling out of love. We simply have less patience for people we don’t feel as connected too, so if the arguments seemed to have increased in your relationships and your partner appears to be in a bad mood more often, it might be time to address the state of the relationship.

No one wants to feel like their partner is falling out of love — it can trigger deep feelings of rejection and desperation to fix things. The most important step is first starting a dialogue to make sure you’re both on the same page and being open. These signs that your partner might be falling out of love can help you decide whether you should initiate that conversation.