Quarantine means you shouldn’t leave the house other than for essential purposes. So, that means spending a whole lot of time with the people you live with.

In many ways, that’s great- you can build stronger relationships and spend time doing things together. But at the same time, it puts your relationship to the test by forcing you to spend all your time with the same people. So, fighting with your significant other during quarantine is bound to happen.

When you spend all your time with someone, arguing is inevitable. And although you can’t leave your houses to go to any couples therapy, you can still use couples therapy apps. So if you’re finding that you and your partner are fighting more often than usual this quarantine, try one of these couples therapy apps:


Lasting is the number 1 relationship counseling app and yields great results. Lasting helps people build more durable and longer-lasting relationships by encouraging healthy, intimate relationships. Prospective users can take a free quiz that helps to analyze the stages of your relationship and suggests next steps. You can then subscribe to the app for various exercises intended to strengthen your individual relationship. You can even use a current therapist with the app.

Happy Couple

This app is available on both Apple and Android and is intended to help you learn more about your partner. The app uses quiz-style games to help you understand your relationship. You choose among six categories: “sex,” “responsibilities,” “communication,” “recreation,” “emotional,” and “information.” A link is sent to you and your partner, you answer various questions daily, and then you find out if your answers match. It’s super important to sit down with your partner and discuss your answers, so you have a better understanding of how each other feels.

We Did It

We Did It is a couples therapy app that helps to resolve problems between you and your partner. You and your partner will go through various tasks to form a better understanding of one another. You’re initially asked to rate your satisfaction in multiple aspects of your relationship, like sex and communication. You then choose tasks you both need to do to improve these aspects, and the app will provide you with daily reminders. This holds you accountable for the progress and ensures you’re taking the tasks seriously. You then rate your happiness with the growth and are then given more responsibilities.