We all have many different people in our lives, and we intuitively know how different they and how different the roles they play within our lives are. Some of them are integral to our lives, like the best friend type, and others we do best without, like the workplace gossip type. How do you know if you have the right balance of positive types of people in your life versus the negative people? First, know the types; in this list, we break down the positive examples of people you need in your life.

The Cheerleader: Who do you turn to when you have a significant victory and want someone to share your excitement just as enthusiastically? We need someone in our lives who we can celebrate our wins with in a way that makes them even better. We all need our own personal cheerleaders. This person is our go-to hype man for when we need to hear how great we are on those days we’re feeling doubtful.

The Truther: We might not always want to hear what this person has to say, but that’s only because we know they will always tell us like it is, and sometimes the way it is isn’t pretty. Having honest people in our lives is one of our biggest sources of strength — we will always have blind spots about certain parts of ourselves and curating a life full of people who only tell us what we want to hear only lets those blind spots grow. That’s why everyone needs a Truther in their lives.

The Overachiever: This is one of the types of people we need in our lives because they will push us when everyone else would let us be complacent. An overachiever will always inspire us to reach just a little higher.

The Listener: This is an indispensable person in our army of support. The Listener is who you can go to when you just need to let it all out. Therapy is just paying for a highly trained Listener. Find a Listener as a friend, and you’ll always have someone you can turn to when you feel like you’re about to lose it.

Make sure you’re filling your life with the types of people who will support and uplift you. By knowing what those types of people are and what they do, you’ll be that much closer to making sure you have everyone you need on your side.