It’s not every day you leave your home to go on a date and return back married. But, that’s exactly what happened for Sherrell Woodard. When her boyfriend, Alfred Duncan asked her to go out on a lunch date with him she thought it’d be a normal lunch date like any other day. However, that date morphed into one of the most memorable days of her life.

It all started when her boyfriend asked her to follow along with all of the plans he had for her that day. She agreed. Nervous, but still agreed. He proposed to her while on the date and she said yes. That alone was heart thumping, but it didn’t stop there. Alfred had planned their wedding already without her knowing and contacted all of her friends via Instagram to let him know of his plans.


Sherrell and Alfred were married within six hours after starting their date. Talk about a day to remember!

The next day, the couple was trending on social media with #ForeverDuncan.

Some people say this raises the bar big time for other guys on their quest to woo their ladies. Alfred knew what he wanted and was proactive about making it happen. No cold feet!

However, some women are very picky about their weddings and would want a full hand in all the details. Meaning this gesture may not be appreciated by some.

What do you think? Is this totally romantic? If you were in her shoes, would you have gone along with it? Share your thoughts below!

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