Relationships are the flavors of life. While some may not entirely agree, they do add a sense of seasoning to the day to day encounters and experiences we go through. Relationships could be work-related, casual, or with friends. You’ve got to admit that we all need someone and without relationships, life would be very bland, kind of like a silent film with no captions.

However, while some may cherish their relationships, others may be subconsciously sabotaging it without knowing. So, we’re going through three common ways by which you may be sabotaging your relationship without realizing it.

The comparison game

It may seem harmless to you, but comparing your present with your ex or a ‘friend’ is like untying the yarns in your relationship. Many people do this without giving it thought, and it’s unhealthy for a relationship regardless of its stage. Everyone has insecurities but playing the comparison game with your partner diminishes their view on the entire connection. It makes them feel like they’re not good or worthy enough. Besides, if the person you’re comparing your partner to was so sublime, why aren’t you still with them? Food for thought.

Excuses for intimacy

Intimacy is more than sex. It’s about baring your true selves to each other without blame. It’s about those private walks you take with the other person, hand in hand, heart to heart. It’s about laying in each other’s embrace a little longer than you have to. And when you find yourself continually coming up with excuses as to why you cannot do any of those things anymore, it raises a red flag in your relationship. Your partner may not feel valued or appreciated and may start seeking those things in someone else.

Right is in the eye of the beholder

All couples fight. It’s bound to happen at some point. But during clashes, do you strive to be right or to be understood? Having your reflexes up and shooting arrows at every fight will only leave the relationship punctured and bruised while pushing the other person away. It’s imperative to let things go for the continuity of the relationship.

Knowing that you are doing something wrong is the first step to doing it right! With these few pointers, you can work on aspects that might be sabotaging your relationship.