You might have heard of the phrase bi-curious before and wondered what exactly it meant. Or, maybe you’re beginning to experiment with your sexuality and wanted to know more about it. The bottom line is, there is no need to put a title on your sexuality. Everyone is different, and while a title might be relevant to one person, it might not to another. Regardless of a label, there comes a time when someone questions their sexuality. There are endless ways for people to identify with. We’re here to go over what it means to be bi-curious.

Someone who is bi-curious is different from someone who is bisexual. A bi-curious individual is interested in experimenting with their sexuality- whether that’s with the same or different sex- but doesn’t want to put a title on their sexual orientation. Long story short, it’s someone who wants to experiment with being bisexual. There’s no definitive label, it’s just a period of experimentation, and that period can last for as long as the person wants it too.

There is no right or wrong time to experiment with your sexuality. You might have the desire to try something with someone new when you’re 50, or you might have that desire when you’re 20. Every person is different, and being bi-curious doesn’t have to come from having sexual experiences. Being bi-curious could just come from a new way of thinking.

The term bi-curious often goes hand in hand with the phrase “questioning.” Typically, a lot of people who consider themselves questioning are in their teen years. That could be because of a lack of sexual experience, so teens do not know what or who they like. Some people do not know their sexual orientation until they have a sexual encounter, so they might consider themselves questioning.

At the end of the day, no one should feel the pressure to label themselves. In a society that is often very fueled by labels, it can be hard not to feel this way. When your friends identify with one sexual orientation, you may feel like an outsider if you aren’t sure who you like yet. However, it’s essential to realize that everyone moves at their own pace. There is no right or wrong time to le things about yourself and grow as a person. It’s something we all do, and something we always will. Trust yourself and life will happen from there.