Fighting with your partner is bad, but the moments after a fight can be just as painful. The moments after a fight can feel like walking on thin ice: you don’t want to say the wrong thing that could spark another argument. That is why it’s important to know what to do after a fight to smooth things over and make sure everything is good again. So, follow these tips the next time you argue with your significant other:

Give each other space

It’s important to know when your partner needs to be alone. Everyone reacts differently after a fight, so your partner might need some time to cool down. Giving each other the space to cool down, reflect, and move past the situation without each other is essential immediately following a fight.

Don’t ignore them

Nothing is worse than fighting with someone and then them giving you the cold shoulder and ignoring you. Give your partner some time, but then talk things through with them maturely and honestly. You will not get anywhere if you ignore each other and don’t talk through your problems.

Be positive

It’s easy to be cynical after an argument, especially when you feel defeated. Although negative thoughts might rush through your head, try to be positive about the outcome and remind yourself that everything will be okay. It’s healthy, and even good, to sometimes have arguments that strengthen your relationship.

Understand their point of view

In any fight, we always think we’re right. So, agreeing can be tough, especially if you’re fighting with someone who doesn’t want to admit they’re wrong. Following an argument, it’s essential to take a step back and see where they’re coming from. If you look at things from an outside view, you might better understand their side, and it can help resolve the argument.

Talk it through

Communication is key. Don’t act like the fight didn’t happen- that will only result in unresolved feelings that are bound to come up again. Talk through your emotions, and how the argument made you feel. It’s essential to do this respectfully and maturely not to hurt your partner’s feelings, and vice versa. Talking through the argument is the best way to resolve it.