We always want everyone to love our partner as much as we love them, but sometimes people can clash or not like one another. It might be the case that your friend doesn’t like your partner, which can be an extremely upsetting situation to be in. Here are some things you can do to ease the tension and work around the fact your friend and partner might not see eye to eye.

Have an Honest Conversation 

If you feel in a comfortable enough position to do so, then you should try to arrange sitting down with both your partner and friend to have an adult conversation about why there seems to be an issue. It might be a minor misunderstanding that can quickly be resolved, or there may be deeper problems. Either way, voicing these issues can have a positive outcome and allows you all to have a better understanding of the situation.

Dont Take Sides

It may seem easier to side with your partner when there is animosity between them and a friend, but depending on how good of a friend they are, try not to take sides. This is super difficult as you may feel you’re in the middle, but choosing a side will only jeopardize one of the two relationships. In contrast, if you try to stay neutral, you can still have positive relationships with both your friend and partner. However, if a resolution cannot be met, there are bound to be difficulties.

Speak to a Third Party 

It’s hard to gain a certain perspective on a situation if it’s between two people you love. Sometimes, you need another person who isn’t involved or connected like you are, to see the situation for what it is and try to act as a mediator. Try to speak with an outsider that would be happy to do this and explain to your friend and partner that you really would like to resolve the situation.