We at YouBeauty spent 2014 compiling the latest studies on health, but we also followed the juicy stuff – new research on relationships, gender roles, and love. Apparently no one wants to fund a study that proves “Hot guys look even better next to puppies.” or “Channing Tatum lookalikes are moving into your neighborhood,” so when you line up a bunch of 2014 relationship studies next to each other, the news looks grim.If you’re one of the lucky ones, hold fast to the love you found in 2014. If you’re not, better wishes for a kinder 2015. On the bright side, we did learn the number one spot to get over a breakup: KFC.Here’s what we learned about our romantic lives this past year:1. Men are more helpful to women who are wearing heels — the higher, the better.2. Blondes marry richer.3. You’ll have more sex if your boyfriend is jealous of your “competitors,” AKA any other man in your life.4. Single people sleep better.5. The more money spent on an engagement ring and wedding, the higher the chance of divorce.6. A higher household income means a lower chance of divorce.7. When there’s “more fish in the sea,” you choose a less compatible mate.8. A big age gap does not bode well for staying married.9. “Beer googles” account for something called “symmetry blindness,” which means we find people more attractive.10. People have become so skeptical of online dating that one app requires men to sign a “Gentleman Pledge” promising to not ask for sex on a first date.11. You can still meet people in real life! You may just have to wear a bag on your head.12. Calling someone “beautiful” is actually a turn-off.13. You will soon have to pay for the pleasure of right-swiping on “Premium Tinder.”14. Chris Hemsworth is the Sexiest Man Alive. (Personal bias: Team Liam Hemsworth 4L.)15. “A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away.”16. Newlywed husbands tend to gain weight after the big day.16. Short men make up for their height by doing more housework.17. It’s up to the woman in the relationship to keep a fight from escalating.18. 69% of singles don’t know whether or not they’re on a date when they go out with someone.19. According to the State of Dating, 28% of people admit being unfaithful in a prior relationship as compared to 22% in 2013.20. Another shocker from the State of Dating: 77% of women want the man to order for them.And people wonder why we’re so confused by dating.More From Our Year-End Roundup:The Worst Gluten Outrage of 201425 Health Studies from 2014 That Women Need to KnowThe Most Important Butt Moments of 2014