Three Features Women Love-Make Them Hotter

Looks like eyes really are the windows to the soul! In a YourTango Irresistible You survey, a full 40 percent of women said their eyes are their favorite body parts.

The runners-up? “Lips/smile,” at 20 percent and “hair” at 12 percent. What’s not to love about those features? Gorgeous eyes, kissable lips and healthy hair are key to a woman’s confidence in her appearance. Check out our photo gallery for ideas on how to make these features even more irresistible!


Eyes are one of the first features people notice, and they express a great deal of your personality. The key ingredient to beautiful eyes is a healthy amount of sleep, as well as taking care of the skin around them to keep them bright and clear.

If work and play are bringing your peepers’ pop to a minimum, just a few quick tricks can get them fresh fast. If you’re concerned about puffiness, keep your daily eye cream in the fridge (SPF helps maintain the surrounding smoothness for a long, long time!)

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Feel self-conscious about dullness? Try a highlighter, like Benefits High-Beam, in the inner corners of eyelids, just under the arch of the eyebrow, and on the tops of cheekbones. This not only emphasizes your lovely bone structure, but creates a glowing frame around the eyes.

Looking to make your eye color pop? Try a liquid liner in a different color “• green for brown eyes, blue for hazel, purple for green or bronze for blue. Amp up this look a notch by snagging the color in a metallic version!


Of all the features on the face, the lips do the most work when it comes to your love life. Not only are lips your means of flirtation, they’re also what takes seduction to the next level.

Primp your pout by keeping them as soft and kissable as pillows. Use an exfoliating lip scrub or a simple washcloth gently rubbed across them in order to buff off dry or dead skin, leaving a plump freshness. Put on your favorite lip balm, then wait a few minutes for your skin to absorb it, reducing the appearance of fine lines or wrinkling on lips and allowing lipstick to be applied onto a smooth surface. Pucker up!



We all know that a great hair morning can make your day. If you were born a curly girl, drop the straightener and explore different ways of styling those romantic locks. Utilize a deep conditioner at least once a week in order to keep hair supple so it doesn’t absorb the air’s moisture like a dehydrated runner desperate for any old bottle of water at the end of a race. Use products created for curly hair in humidity, diffuse if desired and wear it wild.


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If your hair is on the straighter side, keep it healthy and full of soft waves by allowing it to dry in loose braids rather than using a blowdryer. Opt for a lightweight serum as your go-to for polishing your look.

Want to revitalize your locks? Try a glossing treatment, whether it’s from a drug store or a salon, to instantly boost your hair’s sex appeal without any drastic changes.