We all have that one friend (maybe it’s even you *gasp*) who just can’t hold their liquor. But before you blame them for being irresponsible, you may want to take a look at their genes. That’s right – people may actually be hardwired to be bad drinkers.

According to a new study, the reason for this is due to a genetic mutation in the serotonin 2B receptor, called HTR2B Q20. Researchers had a small group of individuals fill out a questionnaire regarding their personalities when drinking. The group consisted of 14 individuals who had the mutation and 156 who didn’t. The individuals with the mutation not only had a tendency to be more impulsive and aggressive when drinking, but they also were more likely to be arrested for alcohol-related incidents. Obviously, these people have a bit of a drinking problem, but the predicament is solely their reaction to alcohol. Though more research is needed, based off of their consumption, the individuals surveyed were not alcoholics, nor did they have alcoholic tendencies.

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