Valentine’s Day is 14 days away and for many people that means celebrating the love and romance they share with a special someone.  While this is a very special time of year, it can also bring a lot of pressure.

This year, go at things differently by planning your Valentine’s Day way in advance. Whether you want to have a romantic dinner, go to a concert, or enjoy a quiet night at home without the kids, everything’s worth putting a little extra (and well planned) thought into.  Here are some things you can do for Valentine’s Day this year, but will require that you get a head start:

Go to a concert or show: If there is a special show or concert in town, you should consider getting the tickets in advance. That way, you don’t run the risk of them selling out. Plus, you can enjoy great seating.

Dinner reservations: You can bet that most restaurants will be busy on this day. If you want to ensure you get a seat and not have to wait for hours – or worse get turned away, then call now to book reservations.

Pay attention to hints: If you’re not the best listener, this one will probably be a challenge. Start listening in extra closely for hints and ideas for gifts. You may hear them mention certain things that they like, experience that they want to have or place they want to go. When you hear something that excites them, make plans to give it to them for Valentine’s Day.

Plan a mini vacation: If you decide to plan an mini get-a-way, you will need to make travel plans in advance. Items such as travel, food and lodging will need to be figured out ahead of time so you can actually have a great time.

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