As the air becomes crisper, the days become shorter and nights become cooler. And as we begin to anticipate winter’s chill lingering around the corner, many of us also feel the onset of seasonal depression slowly creeping in. In fact, nearly 350 million people are affected by it and it’s projected to be the second leading cause of ill health by 2020. But according to a recent study, the key to battling depression may be through your stomach.

Researchers conducted a pooled analysis and found a distinct link between fish consumption and depression. “After pooling all the data together, a significant association emerged between those eating the most fish and a 17% reduction in depression risk compared with those eating the least.” Studies have suggested that omega 3 may regulate the activity of dopamine and serotonin, which are thought to be directly linked with depression. Further research is needed to unveil cause and effect, but until then, upping your fish intake in the meantime can’t hurt (Here are 5 Healthy (and Delicious!) Fish Recipes to get you started!).

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