People are joking about Frankenstorm, but Hurricane Sandy’s no laughing matter. There have been damages and deaths in the Caribbean, and with the full moon today, tidal swings and winds outside of the storm will only be greater along the U.S. coast. But it’s also a time to be informed and prepared rather than panicked. To put things in perspective, the winds are currently clocking at 75 mph. Here’s a comparison of windy things (and places):

Typical Hurricane: 100-150 mph
Your Hair Dryer: 26.8 mph – 39.2 mph
Highest Recorded Wind Speed: 231 miles per hour at Mount Washington in April 1934
Windiest Place in World: Port Martin, Antarctica (average windspeed of 40 mph)
Windiest Storms: Tornados; recording speeds of 300 mph
Wind creation: Wind is caused by differences in pressure. It’s the acceleration of air from higher to lower pressure.

Stay safe, everyone!

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