Do you obsess over your smart phone? For many of us, the answer is yes, which is why we’re on our smart phones checking email and social media every few minutes. In fact according to studies, people check their phones around 80 times per day. It’s rather obsessive to say the least and leaves little time for the mind to explore anything else. That’s why we have a list here of things you can do to occupy your time and energy without using the smart phone.

For instance, daydreaming. Believe it or not,  daydreaming is a great de-stressor because it gives the mind time to dabble in creativity. Reading is another great way to pass the time without picking up your smart phone. Reading keeps the mind sharp and it’s a chance to learn something new – depending on the book you’re reading.

You can also practice mindfulness. It’s usually something you don’t realize until you’re older, but you don’t get moments in time back. Therefore, every moment should be appreciated. Take time each day to soak in the surroundings, the sounds, and the smells without judgment. Just take it in for what it is and appreciate it. Also, don’t rush through the moment. That’s a fast way to waste your life.

Another thing you could do is talk to other people. Hey, you could even use this time to meet a stranger. Get to know someone. Even brighten up their day with a compliment if you can.

Another way to pass the time is by doodling. Yes, doodling is a great memory and brain exercise that you can do instead of picking up the smart phone.

If you try any of the suggestions above, you’ll be well on your way to breaking your smartphone addiction.

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