“Woman on top,” also known as cowgirl-style, is responsible for 50% of penis fractures during sex, according to a new study of Brazilian couples published in the journal Advances in Urology. A penile fracture is when a muscle bends sharply while a man has an erection, often causing a “pop” or “crack” sound that makes dues involuntarily cross their legs just thinking about it. (The penis doesn’t contain any bones, despite this injury being called a “fracture.”) UrologyHealth.org explains that most penis injuries occur during sex during thrusting-gone-wrong and are painful as well as embarassing. Meanwhile, missionary position, or “man on top,” caused 21% of penile fractures. But that’s still not as bad as any of these 11 worst sex positions, all of which look like they could break everybody’s penis, vagina, back and spirit.
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