Shapewear for Your Trouble Spots

It’s hard to get much sexier than a woman who oozes confidence when it comes to her body. But, let’s be real—it’s hard not to be miffed about a muffin top or bummed over back fat. And of course, the grass is always greener when it comes to body shapes: Hourglass gals may long for a body that’s less voluptuous while Ruler shapes may wish for more curvess. So, how do you get closer to flaunting the silhouette you crave? Shapewear. Here are some solutions to help get you that sexy confidence. No surgery necessary.

1Problem Area: Muffin Top

Not all shapewear is created equal. “If you’re wearing shorts-style shapewear, always make sure the waist hits high enough on your rib cage or it will roll down when you sit and stand up,” style expert Lindsay Albanese says. “I personally like styles that meet just under the bra line. Depending on the top or dress you’re wearing, you could also try a shapewear tank to ensure smoothing without worrying about readjusting all the time.” Yearn for an Hourglass figure that will keep your belly from bulging? This popular high-waisted shaper keeps everything smooth and sucked in. Is that the clingy dress from the back of your closet we hear calling?

Spanx In-Power Line Super Higher Power, $38

2Problem area: Muffin top

Let’s see, eat nothing but green smoothies for a week or toss on a body-slimming tank top? We know which one we’d choose! This tank features seamless panels that tame your tummy and keep everything looking smooth and svelte, without smushing your chest. And the bottom doesn’t roll or ride up. Sounds like a new BFF to us.

Yummie Tummie Girlfriend tank, $48

3Problem area: Thighs

Wish your legs were long and lean? Triangle shapes who want a little secret help balancing their body proportions need only to reach for this thigh-shaper, which hides any bumps and helps you look thinner in pants, dresses or skirts. Another good slimming tip: “To minimize ample thighs, wear a style that hits just above the knee or below it,” says Albanese.

Skinny Girl Smoothers n’ Shapers Foxy lace shaper, $42

4Problem area: Thighs

Wait. So this shapewear not only makes our thighs look thinner, but it also releases ingredients into our skin to help fight cellulite as we wear it? Oh, we’re in.

Wacoal iPant Anti-Cellulite Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper, $72

5Problem Area: Back Rolls

Circle, Hourglass and Inverted Triangle shapes have plenty to show off, but an ill-fitting bra can cause the much-dreaded appearance of back fat. This bra battles that by taking out the back straps that can smush your skin and create bumps. Hello, tank top season!

Unbelievabra Tankee Short, $79

6Problem area: Back rolls

So you’re not in love with the way your bra makes your back look—but it’s totally working in the décolletage department. Your solution: This little piece of shapewear you wear over your favorite bra smoothes out your back (and your belly!), giving you the Hourglass silhouette you seek.

Maidenform Flexees Ultimate Slimmer Wear Your Own Bra Torsette, $33

7Problem area: Arms

Sadly, we don’t all sport guns like Cameron Diaz. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fake it. This shapewear top can be worn under a fitted sweater or blouse or alone, keeping any arm flab in check.

Cass Invisibellas V-Sleeves, $98

8Problem area: Arms

Just say no to arm jiggle with a compression T-shirt that makes your upper body look instantly toned. So much easier than spending an eternity doing tricep dips and bicep curls, right?

Sassybax Armed and Dangerous compression shirt, $69

9Problem Area: Flat Butt

If you’re feeling cheeky, but your cheeks aren’t cooperating, give ‘em a lift! A little padding will take you from flat to Beyonce in no time. Bootylicious? Yes, you’re ready for this jelly.

Spanx Slimplicity Booty-Booster Short, $68

10Problem area: Flat butt

Ready to pump up the volume on that rear? Ruler or Circle shapes who might like to throw in a little extra curve where the butt is concerned should try these panties: They feature foam pads to help you fill out those jeans or that sexy pencil skirt.

Skinny Girl Smoothers n’ Shapers Booty Booster, $20

11Problem area: Big butt

When you’d like that booty to seem smaller, Albanese recommends shapewear with vertical seams in the bum and thigh areas. “Companies do this to contour those areas, which help to pull in, streamline and minimize,” she says. Whether your shape is more Triangle, Circle or Hourglass, you’ll appreciate a smoothed-out look for your tush that hides panty lines, too.

Yummie Tummie Nina Shaping Shortie, $18

12Problem area: Big butt

Triangle shapes and Hourglass gals may want to minimize the rear view. This style is made specifically for a woman with a smaller waist and fuller bottom, so it won’t gape at the middle and pinch your thighs. How smooth is that?

Wacoal Control Freak Pear Brief, $38