If you’re an all out beauty fanatic, you’ll love the Indie Beauty Expo. With shows in Texas, New York and Los Angeles, beauty lovers all over can get a taste of the upcoming brands on the market.  If you’re looking for great natural products, check out these from the Indie Beauty Expo.

Girl Undiscovered: This New Zealand based brand was nominated for several Best in Show awards. It was nominated for Clean and Green award and Most Notable Newcomer. Their products span the range and are good for skin that needs hydrating and includes ingredients like manuka honey and thanaka tree bark.

C’est Moi:

The meaning of c’est moi is “It’s Me” and is perfect for younger skin. With very delicate ingredients, this skincare line and color cosmetics contain no fragrance and tackles issues like acne.

Le Prunier

This new luxury beauty oil has tons of antioxidants and fatty acids. It’s purpose is to heal and protect the skin from external damage. This one is free of sulfates, fragrance and chemicals. The going price for the Plum Beauty Oil is $72.

Cannablis Organic

Yes, hemp oil has taken over the beauty world as one of the most popular ingredients. This product is natural and safe to use and doesn’t include a bunch of water and chemicals and helps skin age gracefully.

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