If you’ve been struggling to shed weight, you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of Americans are having difficulty slimming down despite diet and exercise! A recent study unveiled the shocking stats that the average adult in 2006 had a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than one in 1988 with the same diet and fitness routine.

To break it down further, when the study compared people with the same diets in 1971 and 2008, it found the subjects from 2008 were 10 percent heavier on average! Additionally, when subjects with the same physical activity levels from 1988 and 2006 were compared, the individuals from 2006 tended to be five percent heavier.

They suggest these increases are due to increased chemical exposure, the rise of prescription drugs use, and that gut bacteria has potentially evolved in ways that cause people to be prone to weight gain.

Their conclusion for keeping the weight off? Anyone over the age of 25 needs to cut back their eating and up their fitness levels.

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