What happens if you’re not quite shy enough to be an introvert, and not sociable enough to be an extrovert? Turns out, you belong with an estimated 40 to 68 percent of the population who call themselves “ambiverts.” Personalities are much more varied than just being so-called “sociable” extroverts or “keep-to-themselves” introverts. “Ambiverts” simply fall somewhere in between, depending on the situation. “[Many people] have elements of both personalities and it’s contextually driven,” Psychology Advisor and “Smart Thinking” author Art Markman, Ph.D. says. “A lot of our behavior is an interaction between the person and the situation.”  Makes sense! If you’re on a tight deadline, you may play introvert for the day, locking yourself in your office. Then when your team completes a huge project, you may join your coworkers in celebrating (who cares if it’s midnight on a Monday?). Of course there are those unwavering personality types who act the same no matter what the situation. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, remember to be you!

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