Maybe you’re looking around at all the beach bums in little bitty shorts and thinking, dang, how can I look like that?First of all, you probably look great and are just being hard on yourself, but we get it. After a tough winter and rainy spring holed up inside eating comfort food, it can be a bit of a shock to have to suddenly bust out the bikini. Maybe you think you need to try something drastic and are considering a cleanse or detox to shed unwanted pudge.For the record, here at YouBeauty, we’re not the biggest fans of drastic cleanses. Your body is an amazing machine, quite capable of ridding itself of nasty stuff if you stop putting garbage in it. And there isn’t any great science backing up the benefits of cleanses or juice fasts.But we’re human, and curious. That’s why seven cleanse virgins set out on a research project to personally try some of the hottest cleanses on the market to see if they lived up to the hype. Click through to find which ones made us feel great and which ones almost killed us.