The vegan and kept diets could not be more different. While it seems like half of the world’s population is going vegan, the rest have jumped onto the keto ship. Now the question is, which one are you? While keto is a diet derived from medical treatment of children with seizures, going vegan is a whole lifestyle.


The keto diet involves foods that are high in fat and low in carbohydrates. The sources of fat in this diet should be rich, deriving from items like avocado, dairy products, etc. This diet also involves a moderate amount of proteins and a deficient intake of carbs. Sugar has no place in this diet, refined sugar especially. The diet also neglects certain vegetables and fruits.

Or Vegan?

The vegan or vegetarian diet instills a plant-based plan. All foods from animal sources like meat or milk are eliminated from the menu. However, this diet leaves more room for fruits, vegetables, grains, and lots of other plant-based goodness.

How they work

Both of these diets can contribute to weight loss, skin rejuvenation, and a lot of other benefits. The keto diet works by using fat or proteins as the primary source of energy as opposed to carbohydrates. This fast tracks the conversion of excess carbs in the body to glycogen. Once this glycogen is used as energy, the body loses its accumulated water, and as a consequence, the individual sheds several pounds.

For vegans, their plant-based meals are mostly low fat, and this prevents them from adding weight in general. Vegans can eat all day every day and not gain a single pound! Matter of fact they can eat this way and even lose weight still. Vegans tend to have a low BMI (Body Mass Index) than people on other diets. It’s a lot more challenging to get adequate protein when vegan since primary sources of protein are animal-based, so vegans need to pay more attention to their protein intake.

Both diets provide benefits as well as inviting plenty of restrictions. It’s up to your ideologies and your access to various foods to decide which diet is right for you. Regardless, both will cause the needle on the scale to move.