Making gluten-free desserts is now easier than ever. In the past, there were few options for people who had restricted diets. Those who suffer from celiac disease or have wheat allergies no longer have to be deprived of the wonderful desserts they love and enjoy. There is an abundance of easy gluten-free desserts that you can make at home! The most important thing to remember is to check the labels to ensure that the products you are using are gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Flour to make Desserts
Companies such as Betty Crocker and Jules Shepard’s Gluten-Free now provide cake mixes as well as flour. If you want to use an all-in one-step process, you can use Betty Crocker’s gluten-free cake mixes. You can use these cake mixes to make any type of cake you want. Just use some imagination and creativity. You can also check with your local grocery store and see what kind of gluten-free flours and products they provide. Whether or not you prefer to make your cakes using a mix or from scratch, options are now available to persons who have celiac disease or have wheat allergies.

Gluten-Free Desserts Inspired by Restaurants
Restaurants such as Uno’s Pizzeria now offer gluten-free desserts. One dessert that they offer, Bananas Foster, can easily be made at home. It’s a pretty simple dessert and consists of bananas, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, banana liquor, dark rum, and butter. It’s both light and tasty. Also, you don’t have to worry about fixing separate desserts! Everyone can enjoy it.

There are several varieties of this recipe. Again be sure to check the label on the ice cream to make sure it’s gluten-free. When eating out and you find a dessert that you like, ask your waiter or waitress about the ingredients. You might be able to make something similar at home that you can enjoy.

Gluten-Free Desserts with Fruit
Another simple way to make a great dessert is by using either fresh or canned fruit. You can add yogurt, oats, or ice cream toppings. Be sure to check the labels and make sure that they are gluten-free. Yoplait Yogurt and Smucker’s offer gluten-free products. Many bakeries now also offer gluten-free cookies. These can be crumbled and used as a crust to make fruit tarts. Your local grocer or bakery may also carry gluten-free brownies, and they also can be used with fruit to make a quick and simple dessert. Cool Whip made by Kraft is also gluten-free and can be used as a topping or filling. Remember, Cool Whip now comes in different flavors such as strawberry and chocolate.

There are numerous ways to prepare easy gluten-free desserts. Think about your favorite sweets and see if you can make a gluten-free version of it by making some substitutions.