The frenzied holiday sugar rush probably inspires you to think about either A)losing weight or B)seriously addressing your nutrition issues going into the New Year. Are you ready to stow the divinity and get on with your real life? Then I have two books for you.

Both of these would be wonderful Christmas gifts for friends vulnerable to bad fad diets after packing on the pounds over Christmas and New Year’s. One is a real eye opener about what thoughtless eating does to your life. The second takes the frantic out of getting delicious and healthy meals on the table at the end of a harried day.

“Eat. Nourish. Glow.” by Amelia Freer is an eye opener. Think nutrition is boring? Think again. Freer, a nutritional therapist, is funny and friendly. She will get you excited about healthy eating, and she will show you how to gradually wean yourself off gluten, sugar, and dairy. Freer will give you 10 easy steps to help you quit snacking and cut back on caffeine and alcohol. If you’re like me, you didn’t have a clue about what all these are doing to your body. If you’re current with nutrition trends, you can still learn a thing or three from Freer.

She’s British, you know, so there is an air of no-nonsense about her insistence that you get going on packing nutrient-rich foods into your daily diet. But you will be grateful that she absolutely insists in Eat. Nourish. Glow.

The second book is Ina Garten’s latest, “Make It Ahead: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.” Ina moves meal prep beyond the not-very-glamorous school of spending a weekend making and freezing casseroles to her own special style of tasteful and tasty.

She includes recipes that not only can be made ahead but taste better because they’re made ahead. The key to “Make It Ahead: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook”  is how to make food in advance and simply reheat before dinner.

How does Easy Coquilles Saint Jacques sound to you? Okay, if that’s a little ambitious for weeknight dining, what about Lemon Capellini? True, for New Year’s Eve in Paris with her beloved Jeffrey and friends, Ina throws on the caviar.

At your house for a school night, you may want to think about Roast Chicken with Bread & Arugula Salad. Or Cauliflower & Celery Root Soup from her store, Barefoot Contessa, for a winter’s lunch or supper.

While Freer’s approach to cooking mostly requires prepping and cooking right before eating, Garten’s make-ahead treasure lets you schedule advance prep and cooking around your busy life. Her menus and dishes can serve your family well or can carry a dinner party.

Together these two books will get you thinking about what you need to eat and how to make the nutritious delicious.

Both are available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.