Don’t just give a ring, give one with meaning with this beautiful quartz with copper & brass ring. Wrapped with wire, this earthy gift screams original and is handcrafted straight from the imagination.

If you don’t want something that looks too commercialized, but just as unique as you are, then you will love this ring.

Made by a cute Etsy shop called Rework, this ring comes from Mother Earth. Rework, No one will else will have a ring like it. People who’ve bought one in before love it

But wait?

How can it be unique if others have bought it? Simple, each ring is hand made with unique quartz crystals. No two crystals are the same nor is the design quite the same.

And if the unique edginess doesn’t capture you, maybe it will make you feel good to know that it’s been infused with positive vibes and good intent.

Grab one in various sizes ranging from 4 – 9. The ring you purchase will surely be gorgeous and bound to get oohs ahhs and gasps.

Rework’s jewelry is rare in the fashion industry because the company prides itself on preserving Mother Earth by using recycled, sustainable materials whenever possible. Plus, the owner strongly believes in the healing properties of each stone and crystal.

Whether that’s you thing or not, there’s no denying that there’s something intriguing, yet simple about it. This handmade ring costs $65. Get it for that person who loves unique and one of a kind pieces of wearable art.

I Want This Beautiful Ring!