The Girl Scouts, who already sell $800 million worth of yummy cookies every year, are taking their wares online for a millennial holy grail of tech and nostalgia unlike any the world has ever seen.According to Wired, the Girl Scouts will now be selling Samoas (and all other cookies) via in a Digital Cookies program, the first online retail option in the Scout’s 102-year history. As someone who has already bought two winter jackets this Cyber Monday, I can see this venture boding very well for our intrepid, digital native generation of Girl Scouts.“A lot of people have asked: What took you so long?” says Kelly Parisi, vice president of communications for Girl Scouts of the USA. Parisi reminds us that the experience is supposed to be an educational one for the Girl Scouts, and we should not just allow our parents to bring the order sheet to work or post the website on Facebook and call it a day. Instead, the Digital Cookie platform will allow each girl to set up her own customizable webpage with a unique URL and intro letter. Customers will also be able to buy cookies via mobile payment.  Hooray! The future is bright and filled with frozen Thin Mints.Will you be buying your Girl Scout cookies online?

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