There’s some good news and some bad news: the chocolate is running out. But don’t worry, it’s not happening until 2020, when the world will end anyway according to psychic Jeane Dixon.

When the hellfire rains down in six short years, two of the world’s largest chocolate makers predict that cocoa demand will exceed production by one million metric tons. You will have only the memory of a frozen Snickers to comfort you. According to the Washington Post, Mars, Inc. and Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut have lost 30 to 40% of their cocoa harvest due to a West African drought and a fungal disease called “frosty pod.”

Farmers are switching to crops like corn, which will be more helpful when we rebuild society from scratch. Until then, we may have to wean ourselves off the taste of dark chocolate, which has a higher density of cocoa, and develop a taste for milk chocolate instead.

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