As per usual, Meryl Streep charmed the masses — this time with a tale of a turkey and two movie stars.On Wednesday, Streep stopped by “Live! with Kelly and Michael”  on her “Into the Woods” press tour, where she chatted about her Presidential Medal of Freedom before a seamless segue into a Thanksgiving day cooking mishap, just like us. She hates her oven, just like us. And, as Streep told Kelly Ripa, “You never hate your oven more than on Thanksgiving when it won’t cook the turkey.”But not to worry: Gwyneth Paltrow lives in her building. And Streep dished that Paltrow “has the best oven I’ve ever seen in my life.” She cooked perfect sides in Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP oven while her brother was stuck doing the turkey in Streep’s devil oven.Streep and one of her two daughters — who “drew lots” for the prize of going into Paltrow’s apartment — can get back in at Christmas if they need . The doorman let them in.Here’s the full video in which Kelly Ripa also tells Meryl Streep she “has a great bod”:

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