While Thanksgiving might mean memories of stuffing yourself full of food, it can also mean wholesome holiday cheer and relaxation. Yes, the food is a big part of the holiday, but with small habit changes, you can make it a tradition of healthy choices. Huge Thanksgiving feasts come with long-term consequences. You don’t want to deprive yourself completely. There are small changes you can make to ensure your waistline and heart don’t suffer.

While healthy might mean deprivation for some, these recipes prove that Thanksgiving can be a balanced affair. Consider replacing one or two dishes with an alternative. After a few holiday celebrations, they will become a staple and not the “healthy” alternative you’ve been dreading.


Your appetizer is almost as important as the main dish. Seeing that this is a family gathering, you can sure use some of the fantastic recipes below.

Pumpkin Soup:
Nothing says Thanksgiving than good ol’ pumpkin. Kick off the celebration by enjoying a nicely made, well-spiced curried pumpkin soup. In under 25 minutes, you will have the family asking for seconds! Check out a favorite here.

Spicy Kale Salad:
You can never go wrong with a salad, and this is a perfect Thanksgiving meal starter. Kale is a fantastic green to use as a base for your salad, and it’s in season! Add red pepper flakes and freshly grated pecorino cheese for a hearty Thanksgiving ready dish!

Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto:
Easy way to sneak in veggies? Wrap them in bacon. It takes a mere 15 minutes to make these fan favorites. You do not have to be Gordon Ramsey to make this work! Get baking with the recipe here.


Brown butter, sage, and Brussel Sprouts:
Nothing goes better with your roasted turkey than roasted brussel sprouts and brown butter. Add sage to the mix for an earthy flavor which complements turkey perfectly.

Honey orange carrots:
Carrots can be a lot more than plain carotene suppliers. These take no effort at all. Just slice, mix with honey and orange juice before tossing them in the oven to roast for 15 minutes. In the meantime, you can enjoy time with the family.

Main dish

Nothing else takes the cake here except herb stuffed turkey. As a Thanksgiving staple, we wouldn’t substitute it for anything else. To make a healthier meal, don’t use butter or lots of oil. Make it juicy by soaking it in a healthy marinade of herbs. Add some mashed potatoes or quinoa on the side, and you’re good to go!


Sorry guys, but skimping on dessert isn’t an option. You can keep things lighter by opting for a fruit crisp rather than a pie. Check out this fan fave Cranberry Apple Maple Crisp.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with these fantastic healthy meals! Use less butter, amp up the flavor with herbs and spices, and you’re good to go!