Just in time for warm weather, Starbucks announced a 10-ounce “mini Frappuccino” to cool you down on hot summer days ahead. Any existing Frappuccino (there’s 36,000 options) will be available in the smaller size, from their caramel Frapps to their green tea Frapps to the new S’mores Frapp.

So here’s the question we’re all wonder: how many calories will be in these Starbucks minis? We went straight to the horse’s mouth — the Starbucks media relations team:

 A Mini (10 oz) Coffee Light Frappuccino made with nonfat milk, which is the standard, is 60 calories and has 13 grams of sugar. A Mini (10 oz) Coffee Frappuccino made with whole milk, which is the standard, is 120 calories and has 24 grams of sugar. As with our other sizes, there are various ways to customize the Frappuccino® including choosing the ‘light’ option, selecting nonfat or non-dairy (soy or coconut) milk, using sugar-free syrup, or asking for light or less whipped cream.

Sixty calories for the “light” option? Not too shabby. You’ll have to act fast, though, because mini Fraps will only be available from today until July 6 at participating stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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