Quite a number of us struggle with late-night eating. The disadvantages of eating at night are numerous. The one that takes the cake for most is the fact that if left unchecked, it can lead to severe weight gain and eventual health complications. We decided to talk about some effective time tested tips that can help you combat night-time eating head-on!

Set a realistic goal
The fact that we sometimes set unattainable goals for ourselves makes us fail at achieving our aims. If you are someone who eats at 11 PM and you intend to stop night eating, setting a goal for yourself that the last meal you are going to eat daily from today henceforth would be at 5 PM, sets you up for failure, no matter how determined you are. The reason we might fail mostly lies in the fact that your body has learned a particular way of life, and it has to be gradually eased into unlearning it. A more realistic goal would be 7 or 8 PM, after which you can then take it to 5 PM.

Indulge in healthier alternatives
Rather than hugging that bowl of ice cream, why don’t you munch on coconut instead? By eating healthier options, you are not only satisfying your urge to eat, but you will also be indulging in an act that can prove beneficial to your body.

Try changing your sleeping pattern
Many people eat late merely because they go to sleep late. Night-eating is terrible for the body, and another thing unhealthy for the body is lack of adequate sleep. If you change your sleeping habits, you are less likely to indulge in night-eating.

Set rewards
The human system is wired to enjoy rewards. Make it an effort to reward yourself, albeit healthily, for each day you do not eat late at night.

Stay motivated
It could be a gruesome process, but you need to stay motivated at all times. Read inspirational stories and accounts of other people choosing to stay healthy. Get support from family and friends if you need it.

Night-eating is unhealthy and can only be curbed through discipline and the willingness to give it up. The process may take some time but, always keep your goal in sight!