Hummus is undeniably one of the best snacks. Paired with chips, crackers, vegetables- you name it, hummus tastes great with it. It’s high in protein, making it a great food choice for vegans and vegetarians alike. But although hummus is fantastic, a snack of hummus and carrots can get a bit boring. There are tons of ways to incorporate hummus into your diet outside of just being a snack. The following are a few of our fave suggestions:

5 Ingredient Hummus Pasta

Hummus as a pasta sauce… don’t knock it ’till you try it, I swear.

Hummus Deviled Eggs

A fun twist to a classic party snack, hummus deviled eggs are absolutely delicious.

3-Ingredient Hummus Salad Dressing

Because what isn’t great about a protein-packed salad dressing?

Hummus Pizza with Veggies

Calling all you plant-based people out there… hummus pizza sauce is something you have to try.

Green Goddess Hummus Sandwich

Why use regular hummus as a sandwich spread when you can add parsley, basil, and green onion to it to make it that much better.

Hummus Soup

Hummus is so good, sometimes I feel like I can eat it out the container… or you can make it into a soup and do it that way.

Hummus Mashed Potatoes

What a better way to spice up mashed potatoes that mixing hummus into it? Full of protein and delicious.

5 Minute Chocolate Hummus

Chocolate hummus has been a thing for quite a while now, and although it’s unconventional, it definitely is delicious.