Pizza Hut has a new, trendy look curated from “food-truck owners and mixologists in New York,” according to Digiday. The 56-year-old brand launched more varied and flavorful pizza options today, reflecting a change in customers who are more open to ethnic foods and paying closer attention to freshness. (The nutrition facts aren’t quite as new-and-improved at a minimum of 68 carbs for one serving of a personal pizza – but it’s still Pizza Hut.)


Among the more elite pizza new selections: The Cock-a-Doodle Bacon Pie (garlic parmesan, grilled chicken, and bacon), Pretzel Piggy (garlic parmasean, bacon, mushrooms, balsamic drizzle with a pretzel crust edge but regular pizza crust), and that ever-trendy ingredient, Sweet Sriracha Dynamite (grilled chicken, jalapeno, pineapple, “Peruvian cherry peppers” and Sriracha sauce).“We can’t say we’re artisanal pizza,” Pete Favat, chief creative officer at Deutsch LA, the advertising agency behind the rebrand told Digiday. “We’re still Pizza Hut. But we’re still really good pizza.”  You could tell he really wanted to say they Pizza Hut is artisanal pizza now, though. I mean, balsamic drizzle?Related Articles:Recipe: Make Your Own Carb-Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust