Many people embark on weight loss journies with one goal in mind, to lose weight. Of this large number, only a few successfully cut back on their food intake, and even less get the exercise they need in their everyday routine consistently.

With time, the number begins to fizzle out as some actualize their goals while some decide that the process is too tedious. Some people don’t see any difference despite putting their best efforts into the goal. If you’re one of those that are dieting and exercising and not seeing results, we will be analyzing why you may not be losing weight despite the effort.

You may be following a fad

The first rule about dieting is to properly understand your body and find what works correctly for you. Many people want to adopt dieting solutions that worked for their friends, forgetting that they do not have the same body type or shapes. Fad diets may lead to health problems because they are the most restrictive. In fact, stopping them sometimes may lead to you adding more weight.

You are not keeping track of your intake

Dieting requires you to focus on what you are intaking, as every calorie counts. Statistics show that people who pay close attention to their eating habits by using food logs and diaries tend to see better results than those who don’t.

You are bingeing on food

Eating healthy is essential, but portion control is as important too. If you are eating healthy but not controlling your food portions may leave you without the results you desire. Rather than lap up on those meals under the guise of healthy eating, remember that consuming too much can set you back a thousand miles.

You are not drinking enough water

Water is super important to the body and the skin (being the largest organ in the body). Proper water intake, according to research, has a positive effect on weight loss and could mean all the difference in your diet.

Other reasons you might not be losing weight can be you not sleeping properly, consuming alcohol, not being mindful of your diet, or starving yourself!