We all know seaweed is a vital ingredient in sushi. But did you know that seaweed has tons of health benefits? Yes, seaweed is a part of the ocean, and we often see it floating in the water and washed up on shore- but it can also be delicious.

Seaweed is packed full of fiber. Polysaccharides is a fiber found in seaweed that helps to improve the bacteria in your gut. Also, seaweed is high in iodine, which is excellent for your thyroid. Seaweed contains a good amount of iron and calcium, which a plant-based diet often lacks. So, if you avoid meat, opt for seaweed to get in those necessary nutrients.

There’s no doubt seaweed is one of the trendiest foods in the health food world right now. If you go to just about any food store, you’ll probably see packs of nori. Nori is individual sheets of edible seaweed that’s conveniently packaged and easy to chow through. They are usually sold in large packs, because in addition to the great taste, they’re extremely low in calories, vegan, and gluten-free, meaning you can eat about four bags in one sitting without batting an eye.

How else can you use seaweed? If you’re getting bored of simply snacking on sheets of nori, seaweed can be used in various recipes. It can be put on salads for a delicious crunch, added to dips for a fishy taste, or used in a poke bowl to add even more flavor.

I know, eating seaweed at first can seem scary and weird. Why would you ever want to eat those odd, gooey plant things that float around in the ocean? Once you get past the concept of eating seaweed and try it by itself, I promise you’ll understand the hype. Jump on the seaweed bandwagon and try adding seaweed to your favorite recipes. You can grab the flakes if you want to get the benefits without overwhelming yourself at Amazon or Whole Foods.