Don’t lie to yourself. Cooking shows are hands down the most addicting shows. It’s crazy how caught up we can get with an episode of Chopped. Right to the point where we’re screaming at the television when there are 10 seconds left, and no one has plated their duck confit!

While shows like Chopped involve making super complicated dishes that a regular person like me can only dream of creating, YouTube cooking videos actually put food on my table. YouTube is the best source for cooking inspiration because you can watch regular people make delicious meals, with step by step instruction. Here are some of our favorite YouTube cooking channels, if you’re looking to spice up your kitchen:

1. Binging With Babish

This channel has videos with everyone from unique cooking stunts to necessary kitchen skills.

2. Food Wishes

Chef Jon of Food Wishes has a recipe for every taste bud and skill level. You’re guaranteed to find a dish that works for you on this channel.

3. Deliciously Ella

For the plant-based eater, Delicious Ella has a myriad of amazing plant-based meals that you can easily recreate in your kitchen.

4. Maddie Lymburner

In addition to her incredible fitness channel (checkout madfit if you want your abs to burn), Maddie Lymburner features vegan meals and plenty of “What I Eat In A Day” videos.

5. HealthNut Nutrition

Nikole Goncalves of HealthNut Nutrition has made cooking fun and straightforward. She has super helpful videos with everything from meal prep, cooking, baking, and all kitchen help.

6. Bon Appétit

Cooking videos you won’t be able to stop watching! All of a sudden you realize hours have gone by and you’re 30 minutes into learning how to make a traditional English trifle.