Sparkling water has become one of the healthiest drink choices. Long gone is Sprite. Sparkling water is here, and it’s not going anywhere. It seems like more and more sparkling water brands are coming out every day. We can’t even keep track of them all. And the best part about it is all the healthy options! It might be a little overwhelming when you walk into a grocery store and see a whole wall of options, but these are the best and healthiest ones you should go for:


Possibly one of the most popular of sparkling water brands, LaCroix has made a name for itself in the sparkling water world. There are a ton of flavors, and each one is more delicious than the last, not to mention the flavor blends, including peach-pear and pineapple-strawberry. LaCroix is vegan, kosher, with no added sugars.


Owned by Pepsi but way better for you, Bubly is the fizzy drink for Gen Z. The packaging is super cute with neon-colored cans, and it comes in 8 flavors. Plus, they’re super flavorful without all the artificial sugar found in soda.


Spindrift has been around for quite some time and uses real fruit juice for flavor. This comes at a price, though, as calories and real fruit juice go hand in hand. Though it might be higher in calories, it’s one of the better options for you with no artificial flavoring.


This sparkling water brand originated from Austin, Texas, and is sugar-free, zero calories, sodium-free. So if you want a drink that’s free of basically everything, but something still tastes fruity and refreshing, this one’s for you!


A classic sparkling water brand, but Perrier did their flavored sparkling waters just right. All it contains is natural spring water, carbon dioxide, and natural flavors, so while the flavor isn’t so in your face, it’s still delicious.


Bai started their career with their antioxidant infusion water and have broadened their horizons to sparkling water. With only 1g of sugar and no artificial sweeteners, this one is the perfect combination of sweetness without being too overpowering.


If the aesthetic pastel-colored cans don’t convince you to try this enough, the unique flavors will. This brand has flavors with Hemp extract and adaptogens and CBD to fit all your health needs.

Sparkling Ice

A sparkling water classic, sparkling ice is zero calories and sugar-free but not zero flavor. Sparkling Ice has a ton of flavors, so you’re bound to find a refreshing drink that is right for you.