Some vegans take care not to use non-vegan clothing, like wool, while others strictly apply the vegan philosophy to their food alone. Whichever path you’re on, starting with even 1 or 2 vegan days a week is the best way to make the change while still making a difference, even if you haven’t committed to full veganism just yet.

An excellent strategy for making any significant lifestyle change is to surround yourself with things that help inspire you to make that change, whether it be people who have done what you hope to do or things that remind you why you want to make this change.

In our current era of social media, curating a newsfeed full of inspo has never been easier. If you need some great vegan inspo, check out these vegan Instagram accounts to help motivate you with great food and great ideas.

  1. @fatgayvegan— This is the best vegan Instagram account to follow if you need food-lust worthy photos and new vegan treat recommendations.
  2. @earthlinged — Full of thoughtful content, interviews, and awareness campaigns, this vegan Instagram account is going to educate you on the importance and impact of veganism.
  3. @ohsheglows— This vegan Instagram account is practically the Beyonce of vegan food accounts. There isn’t a single recipe you won’t want to make, and the best part is they aren’t all dependent on expensive and obscure ingredients. You’d probably be able to find a recipe you already have the ingredients for right now!
  4. @wthfilm — If you haven’t already seen the film, this is the Instagram account for What the Health, an excellent documentary that explores the link between diet and health. This account will give you great content that will motivate you to change veganism for the big reasons of your health, saving animals, and the environment.

These vegan Instagram accounts will get you started on your journey to veganism by keeping you motivated and reminding you of why you began it. Keep the inspo flowing by filling your Instagram feed with these excellent accounts.