Vegetarians and healthy eaters alike will find a place at the table with these yummy alternative recipes

Who knew that the whole stuffing food within food thing could be edible? Maybe, even, delicious?

But when the old Grey Lady herself, The New York Times, reports on the latest dessert surprise with a piece (no pun, honest!) of Piecaken from pastry chefs at David Burke Fabrick in New York, who’s to say that healthy eaters everywhere should not rejoice in Vegducken?

Vegducken is actually yummy zucchini nestled inside eggplant stuffed inside butternut squash glazed with maple syrup butter. Roasted to a golden pecan brown, Vegducken rivals the traditional bird as a stunning centerpiece. You won’t be talking turkey this holiday!

Whether you’re an authentic vegetarian or a foodie who thinks the fun is in the side dishes and veggies, you’ll find Epicurious is giving you Vegducken and other seasonal gifts designed to enliven any festive table.

Epicurious put together an ultimate holiday menu based on vegetarian recipes that everyone will find tasty.

Replete with the flavors of the season, they’ll tempt your palate with the crunch of apples and hazelnuts in a Brussels sprouts and kale salad. The tang of cranberry-laden stuffing will urge you to overindulge.

Think home baked bread is too much trouble when you’re trying to put a feast on the table? You’ll change your mind when you turn out cracked black pepper pull-apart biscuits just begging to melt butter AND the hearts of your family and friends.

Kick off your celebration with crostini topped with blue cheese and apple. Whet your appetite with a Smoky Robinson cocktail. Tennessee mingles with Mexico when George Dickel gets together with mezcal in a concoction infused with maple-spiced simple syrup.

Finish off the meal a silky maple-bourbon custard cream pie no one will be able to resist. Take that, New York pastry chefs! There’s no need for Piecaken in Thanksgiving or Christmas.