If you haven’t heard, seen, or tried Beyond Meat before, I’m not sure where you’re going out for dinner because it’s EVERYWHERE. Beyond Meat is the company that pretty much made the vegetarian meat alternative an option for everyone. It’s now offered at many fast-food chains, in addition to grocery stores and many restaurants across the nation. Beyond Meat’s sales have doubled in 2019 and are predicted to continue to grow. The best part about Beyond Meat is that it’s not just an option for vegetarians and vegans. A ton of the people who buy Beyond Meat are actually meat-eaters and are just looking for an alternative to red meat. And Beyond Meat is just that.

Beyond Meat has grown beyond anyone’s expectations and has created meat alternatives to foods we never imagined vegetarians could enjoy. Beyond Meat carries burgers, sausage, ground beef, and meatballs- in addition to a ton of other products. There’s a whole section dedicated to Beyond Meat products in Wegmans, as well in many other grocery stores.

Many fast-food chains that vegetarians were unable ever to enjoy are now creating their very own menu items featuring Beyond Meat. KFC recently created Beyond Meat wings. Subway revealed a meatball sub with Beyond Meat, as well as some Dunkin’ Donuts offering a breakfast sandwich with it.

Although Beyond Meat has made considerable strides in the plant-based world, it comes at a cost. People have been quick to criticize the company, pointing out that although it’s highly accessible, it’s not necessarily a healthier alternative to actual red meat. However, being the “healthiest” plant-based burger isn’t what Beyond Meat aims to achieve. The burger isn’t intended to be eaten every day, but more of a weekly item that can be easily be eaten instead of real meat.

Beyond Meat’s vice president of marketing, Will Schafer, spoke about the company, saying how “accessibility is one of the biggest impacts we want to have.” They want every fast-food chain and grocery store to have an affordable option for real meat. And the alternative isn’t just for vegetarians, but for everyone who wants the option of choosing a plant-based meal, whether that is for personal or environmental reasons.

We don’t predict the future of Beyond Meat stopping anytime soon, regardless of the criticism the company may face. Beyond Meat is available in over 12,000 restaurants and many grocery stores in the US, and their products are available in 65 other countries as well. They predict to achieve a $385 million revenue in 2020- so yeah, we’re expecting big things for the future of Beyond Meat.

Vegan and meat-eaters alike can agree on one thing: Beyond Meat is fantastic, and we’re excited to see what comes next.