It doesn’t matter whether your dieting enemy is carbs, fats, or processed foods. Sugar most likely hits the top of your “avoid” list if you’re trying to tone up or stay healthy. It’s not news that sugar is more addictive than some of the more notorious drugs out there. Unfortunately, our political system favors lobbies, and we’re left to fend for ourselves in finding the truth about the adverse effects of sugar.

Not only does sugar cause metabolic disorders, obesity, depression, and anxiety, but it’s also a significant contributor to wrinkles. While it’s unrealistic to cut it out completely, it’s necessary to regulate sugar intake as tightly as we monitor cholesterol-laden foods. Moderation doesn’t hurt, but our current state packs sugar into everything from “natural” beverages to pasta sauces.

As you slowly reduce your body’s dependence on sugar, you’ll notice yourself craving it less. But addiction is only one explanation for why you might be wanting it every day. Following are a few other reasons:

You’re not getting enough sleep.

Not enough sleep makes our body do wonky things. Our body is looking for a way to perk up and get energized, so you’ll start craving foods that will deliver a jolt.

You’re an emotional eater.

Your body and brain might be trained to relieve any emotional turmoil by taking comfort in sugary snacks. The sugar releases dopamine, which temporarily reduces any sadness or anxiety. This chemical reaction of the neurotransmitter is an expected route for your brain and body, which fosters the cravings and further addiction.

You’re stressed.

When your body is tense, it’s functioning in a high-anxiety mode. This activates our adrenaline which pumps the body up for some dangerous cravings.

A magnesium or chromium deficiency.

Try taking a chromium and magnesium supplements to see if your cravings let up. Better yet, up the intake of veggies to get the nutrients, you need naturally.

You’re dehydrated.

Often, when your body needs water, you’ll mistake it for a food craving. And when you have a craving, it’s most likely not for carrots.