The fashion industry is worth trillions of dollars, and people with far fewer amounts of money contribute daily to its continuous success. While shopping for clothes, shoes or other accessories may be exhilarating, unless you’re making a ton of money, it can be very detrimental to your bank account and survival as a whole. With the following fashion hacks, you can look good and feel confident without running back to the store to shop for more.

Everything Denim: A good pair of jeans will never betray you, however washing them often diminishes their color or elasticity. You can fix this problem in two ways. You could either wash them inside out with cold water or refrigerate them in a Ziploc bag overnight. The cold temperature erases the odor.

Wine Stains: Going out is chaotic, and sometimes someone may spill red wine on your perfect white dress. Ask for white wine and with a side of cotton cloth. Soak the spot with the wine by dabbing and not rubbing. Watch the red stain lift away!

Taking Pictures: Having a ton of clothes isn’t fun when you’re looking for what to wear while running late in the morning. Taking a picture of your outfits with your phone and filing them in an album that you can easily reference will give you a head start when getting ready.

Bye-Bye pit stains: A lot of clothes get discarded due to yellow pit stains that won’t just go away. Here’s a hack. Spray lemon juice on the affected area before washing. It works like a charm.

Bra Straps: Do you want to wear that tank top or tube dress without losing the support of your bra? Well, tying the bra straps with a hair tie into a knot at the back will do just that.

Fight Wrinkles: If you’re traveling and cannot pack a steamer, a curling iron will fix your cloth wrinkles. Lay your clothing piece on a towel and use the curling iron as you would a hand iron.

Breast Lifts: Do your boobs hang low in that plunging neckline dress? Use fabric tape to lift them instantly!

Makeup Stains: If you have someone’s lipstick mark on your shirt, applying shaving cream before washing will get it right out.

Holes in clothes: Small holes in clothes can be fixed with a nail polish of the same color and a hairspray.

Staying wrinkle-free: Give your clothes a cold blast, whether from the air outside or with a hairdryer on cool setting. They smoothen more as they cool and they’ll be wrinkle-free for the entire day.

Despite fashion evolving, we always seem to hold on to our favorite items we can’t replace. Keeping your style chic, timeless, and comfortable may be one of the best fashion hacks we can impart. Go forth and paint the town red with your style!