With technology continuously “intruding” on our mind and daily life, sometimes we can’t help but want a personal retreat. It’d be nice to get away from everyday life and focus on ourselves and general wellbeing. Spending as little as 5 minutes a day in a personal space where we can relax and meditate can make a big difference in conquering our day-to-day challenges.

So today, we’re going over effortless and affordable ways to turn a space in your home into a personal sanctuary where you can feel safe and relaxed.

De-clutter your space

First and foremost, start by picking a space in your home. Think of a private room or just a small corner that you can go to every day to feel relaxed and completely separated from the world. It’s essential your little meditation spot be quiet, open, and inviting.

If you live in a small space, you can do a “portable” meditation spot that you can easily set up every morning and pack up once you’re done. The whole “feel” of the area must be stress-free, where you feel completely at ease every time you roll up your yoga mat.

A little tip is to clean that space regularly. Get rid of any distractions and clutter, and make sure the area is always clean and smells good. Consider all your senses!

Technology free zone

Another vital circumstance to consider is the number of distractions and technology around you. That most likely means no TV or social media. It’s your personal space, and you have the full ability to make it exactly how you want it to be. So take advantage of the fact that this is your time to create something you want.

You can, of course, use some technology to help you meditate and relax. It has the added benefit of delivering everything from calming music to yoga videos. But no distractions!

It’s not easy to reconnect with your true self and clear your mind if you’re constantly distracted with noises or notifications on your phone.

Bring nature in

A view of greenery is relaxing even if we’re not in a meditation mood. It can be crucial to reconnect with nature during your meditation sessions. Not only does it create a calming sensation to see all those plants around you, but the extra dose of green also looks pretty in any space.

Add in a couple of plants or even just some relaxing nature sounds. It will make all the difference in the world.

Embrace light and the outdoor

I truly love the idea of being able to control the lighting in your meditation space. It creates such a sense of zen control! Maybe you want to completely dim the lights, close your eyes, and focus on your other senses instead. Or perhaps you’re feeling a little active, and you want a bright open space where you can exercise and do yoga. Either way, light is an essential aspect of any meditation space, even if we don’t give it much thought sometimes. Invest in a dimmer switch, and it will most likely enhance the experience ten times over.

Add your supplies

In our home, even a corner of a shelf can be turned into a zen zone. And to achieve that, you might need some supplies. It can be as simple as a yoga mat or an incense burner. Sometimes even a simple scented candle can do the trick. It’s entirely up to you to design and decorate your space based on your budget. Arrange all those supplies to turn your area into a sanctuary when you need to rest and recharge.

Here’s a list for some simple things you can add to your space to make it extra ayurvedic:
Aromatherapy diffuser
Singing bowl
Zenergy chime
Eye pillow (scented or unscented)
Knee pad
Yoga mat
Portable speaker to play meditation music, mantras or yoga Nidra tapes
Two blocks
Relaxing tea