Anyone who works from home will tell you one of the best aspects of not having a workplace that’s different from your living-place is the freedom to eschew pants. Well, at least that’s what we’ll tell you. As the coronavirus has turned many people into remote workers overnight, navigating that fashion freedom seems liberating at first, until a week of wearing the same sweatpants goes by. Suddenly you’ll start missing the office that had given you a reason to wear those classy-but-uncomfortable slacks.

No office? No problem. You can still enjoy the ritual of getting dressed and looking good even if your Zoom meeting attendees will only see you from the waist up. We’ve got four chic work from home outfits to cure your sweatpants streak.

The WFH Little House on the Prairie Mood

You’ve probably seen everyone baking bread from scratch and taking on new, quaint hobbies at home like we’re pioneers living on a homestead back in the 1800s. We’re definitely guilty of taking the opportunity to play the self-sufficient homemaker role this pandemic offered and running with it. With this down to earth outfit, you can resume baking bread and homeschooling your kids in style.

  1. Crisscross Cami Dress
  2. LUFFYMOMO Women’s Platform Ankle Strap Sandals Open Toe Studded Wedge Summer Sandals

The WFH Vogue Editor Mood

Break out this work from home outfit in case of emergency sweatpants addiction. This is the look we tell ourselves we’ll definitely emulate every day we work from home before reality sets in and comfort wins. The battle isn’t over. With this chic outfit, you can still live up to that aspirational WFH Pinterest-ready style.

  1. Anything is Posh-ible Black Striped Top
  2. Getting Ahead Rust Brown High-Waisted Wide-Leg Pants
  3. Hearts and Hashtags Black Flat Sandals
  4. My Oh My Gold Hoop Earrings

The WFH Leave Me Alone Mood

Not every WFH moment is meant to be runway-ready. Sometimes you need to get work done and be left alone. For the days you want to cash in your Get Out of Work Clothes Free card, we’ve got the perfect outfit that will maximize comfort and coziness without going into full-on pajamas territory.

  1. Andria Pullover Sweater in Coziest Yarn
  2. Bedford Black Mock Neck Top
  3. Hit the Jackpot Black Jogger Pants
  4. Faux Leather Flat Sandals

The WFH Heiress Who Doesnt Actually Work Mood

Let’s face it; being able to work from home is a luxury in many ways. Even if it’s only temporary, we can still dress the part of a celebrity working-but-not-really-working from home. This outfit is all you need to add a little luxury to your work from home days.

  1. Celine Rani Wrap Dress
  2. Micah Light Gold Lace-Up Flat Sandals