Whether you’re just starting or looking to maintain your routine, the oncoming summer heat shouldn’t prevent you from achieving your fitness goals. Finding something comfortable to workout in can be a trying task. If you’re hunting for something breathable that allows you to work out without overheating, we researched for you. Here are six breathable workout pants for you to try:

Outdoor Voices TechSweat Leggings

These leggings are made with OV’s lightweight and breathable TechSweat fabric. Available in a variety of colors and lengths, these leggings have rightfully built up a cult following.

Adidas Alphaskin Tights

Not only does this pair provide compression, but it’s made of moisture-absorbing fabric and mesh panels to help keep you dry during a HIIT session. As a bonus, these leggings are made of recycled fabric!

Nike Air

These running tights are made of a lightweight fabric to keep you cool. They also have airy mesh from the lower thigh to the calf to provide some ventilation.

Janji Transit Tech Pant

Janji’s pants are amazing to not only work out in but stylish enough to wear in your everyday life. Advertised as being trail-ready, these pants are fast-drying, breathable, and have a nice stretch to them.

Alo High-Waist Airlife Leggings

Described as being made for hot studios and hard classes, these leggings were made to fit like a second skin. Available in several colors, these are made with a micro-performance double-knit fabric to sculpt and stretch with you. They are the complete package with moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology.

Lululemon Time to Sweat Crop

These leggings were created to be used for intense training. Lululemon created the leggings out of their patented Luxtreme fabric that is not only sweat-wicking but breathable with a four-way stretch. Additionally, Lycra fiber helps keep the shape of your leggings.