We don’t have to tell you how important good quality sleep is — whether you look at it from a productivity angle, a health angle, or pretty much any other aspect you can think of, sleep is vital for us to function well. If you struggle with getting good quality sleep, there can be a range of culprits to investigate.
Your sleep quality can be affected by what you eat, what you do shortly before bed, and genetic issues as well. One struggle that many people lose sleep over is body temperature; waking up in the middle of the night overheated will interrupt your precious REM cycles and decrease tomorrow’s productivity.
If you’re dealing with uncomfortable nights because of temperature, lucky for you, there’s a perfect solution — temperature control sheets. These cooling sheets are made with specific types of fabric that promote maintaining a cooler temperature, such as eucalyptus, linen, or cotton percale. Here are the best cooling sheets to get you sleeping through the night in no time.
These sheets are the top of the line for sleeping through the night with steady temperature control. Not only are they designed to keep you in a deep sleep by controlling humidity and heat buildup — but they’re also super soft.
To keep away the night sweats, keep on the bamboo sheets. With these sheets, you’ll get the benefit of temperature regulation while also enjoying the lightweight feel that bamboo fibers bring.
If you’re ready to try another exotic fabric on your path towards restful nights, eucalyptus sheets are a must. These sheets are naturally cooling as they’re made with 100% eucalyptus fibers and are also a bonus for anyone with skin sensitivities as they’re resistant to allergens like mold and dust mites (which pretty much every human is allergic to). Actually, never mind — I might just buy this set for myself…
If you’re searching for more affordable temperature control sheets that are still effective, this brand has your back (or whatever position you sleep in, I guess). With over enthusiastic 1,000 Amazon reviews, it looks like everyone is getting much-needed sleep with these sheets.
Protecting your sleep time by making sure you get the best quality sleep isn’t just spoiling yourself with some fancy linens — think of it as health insurance. You need to get a restful sleep every night to stay healthy and be at your best. These sheets are just the tools to get you there.