Denim and fall go hand in hand. Sure, you can wear denim in the summer, but it just doesn’t feel or look the same as wearing it in the fall. Denim has always been an iconic part of fashion because it is so versatile.

You can wear regular blue straight-leg jeans, or go bold with a flare cut. You can wear skinny jeans or mom jeans, ripped jeans or patterned. There’s an endless amount of denim styles out there, but this fall season, there are a few styles that are going to be on-trend:

Cut Hem
Cut hem denim jeans is a style that has been around for quite some time, but this fall they’re going to rise. The cut hem on the bottom adds a more rugged look to any outfit.

Skinny Jeans
Everyone has a love-hate relationship with skinny jeans. This summer, baggy jeans were in, and anytime you went shopping, all boyfriend and mom jeans were out of stock. But this fall, skinny jeans are making a comeback. At least they’re ideal for tucking into cute boots!

Denim Mini Skirt
A wardrobe staple. Every closet needs a denim mini skirt because it goes with everything. Wear it with a crop top or throw an oversized sweatshirt on top, either way, a mini denim skirt is going to look super cute.

Printed jeans are in this fall season, and they’re making a fashion statement. Printed jeans are fun because you can choose a pattern and style that best fits your personality. Choose something more subtle, like stripes or polka dots, or go bolder with a full-color design covering the whole jeans.

High Waisted Straight Leg
High rise jeans have been in style, and if low rise jeans ever come back, I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do. High waisted straight leg jeans are very flattering because they make you look tall and hug your body in all the right places. They’re also a staple in any closet as they look good with just about anything.

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