Celebrities are out always killing the workout game. It’s no secret most stars work hard for their banging bodies and often show off their intense workouts. Halle Berry is no stranger to the fitness world and shares her go-to fitness tips every Friday. With a body like hers, her fitness tips are something we would like to know.

A few weeks ago, Halle Berry shared the go-to exercises that she does when she doesn’t have access to her regular gym. While most of us treat vacation as a time to relax and skip the gym, Halle Berry has no days off. That’s the kind of motivation I need in life. While not everyone is inclined to work out when they’re on vacation, you can still get a good sweat in with just a few moves. “No hotel gym? No trainer? No problem,” Halle wrote on her Instagram. “Fair warning: these may be vacation-themed, but they are hardcore.”

1. Broad Jump to Scissor Kick
Jump forward as far as you can and once you land, kick your right leg up. Repeat 5 kicks per leg.

2. Push-Up With Backsit Into a Frog Jump
Get into a regular push-up position, stretch your body back like you’re doing a child’s pose position, and then jump both of your legs forward. Repeat for ten reps.

3. Side Plank With a Contralateral Knee to Elbow Drive
Begin in a regular side plank position. Lift one leg off the ground and bring your knee to your elbow. Repeat for ten reps on both sides.

4. Low Curtsy Back Lunge
Start standing straight and step your left leg behind you and to the right, so your thighs cross. Bend both of your knees like you’re curtsying and switch sides. Repeat for ten reps on each side.

5. The “T-1000”
Start in a steady, lunge position. Move both of your arms quickly like you’re running in place. Preform 30 seconds on each leg.