Summer is here, and something is exciting about buying new fashion items. However, before you start splurging, consider which items you will get a lot of wear and which are just short-lived trends. Although introducing new clothing into your wardrobe is often a good decision, you should avoid purchasing these items this summer.

Bermuda Shorts
Although the Bermuda shorts are very fashionable, they aren’t going to be trendy for a long while. Bermuda shorts introduce semi-casual style as they are basically trousers that are turned into shorts. However, this trend is going to be short-lived. Therefore it isn’t worth splurging on.

Oversized Dresses with Puffy Sleeves
Puffy sleeves have definitely made their comeback. However, although puffy sleeves on a shirt or a top can look cute, they become too much when paired with an oversized dress. The dress often looks unbalanced and obnoxious; therefore, it can be hard to pull off. Instead, look for simple and classic shapes that you will wear for years to come.

Heeled Strappy Sandals
Unless you are used to and love wearing heels, you should avoid buying them. Although they look magnificent, they aren’t practical and are damaging on your feet and back. If you wear flats and sneakers daily, don’t purchase heeled sandals just because they are cute. Additionally, the shoe is open, and the straps don’t offer enough support you need when wearing heels.

Trendy Sunglasses
A pair of good sunglasses can last you through numerous seasons. However, to make sure the sunglasses have longevity, you should buy a timeless shape. Trendy sunglasses might appeal to you right now, but you should think about the future and whether you will want to wear them a few years from now.

Polka Dots
Polka dots make any item a statement piece. The more intricate the pattern is, the more likely you will get tired of it quicker. When buying standout statement pieces for your wardrobe, make sure you ask yourself whether the item is classic and timeless enough for you to keep it in your wardrobe no matter the ongoing trends.